Elizabeth Carter Design provides floral styling across London. We create floral arrangements for Events, Homes and Weddings on any scale, we also host seasonal workshops for flower enthusiasts to learn the art of floral design.

We strive to make the most exquisite floral arrangements and spaces, created with elegance and opulence, with great attention to quality and detail, we focus on colours, shapes, textures, patterns and innovative containers, whether it is creating the finishing touches for your event or completely transforming a space, our entire planning process is about designing a personal look, something custom created, something dreamy with romantic blooms, cascading arrangements or foliages dripping form the ceilings, our goal is to take your vision and make it more captivating than you imagined.

For all enquiries or to arrange a consultation please email Elizabeth at info@ElizabethCarterDesign.com

“I must have flowers, always, and always” Claude Monet